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110 Puzzles for Kids is a simple logical game for 3- and 4-year-old toddlers. The game will help your children expand their visual-motor coordination and precision. Simple, clear-cut shapes of the puzzles are designed to help develop your child’s observation skills and visual memory. Cute and colorful pictures of everyday life objects, toys, animals and dinosaurs will keep your child busy playing and learning at the same time!

The free version of the game contains 10 puzzles. A pleasant melody is played in the background to keep your child calm and concentrated. The child is rewarded with applause after completing each puzzle. The game has a clear, simple interface. Touch <- and -> icons at the top of the screen to move from one picture to another. Use the three-arrows button to be presented with a random image. You can also check your child's progress in the game by entering in-game album, or even rest it if needed.

110 Puzzles for Kids is the best way to combine learning with fun!


  • 110 beautiful drawings for your child to enjoy! Toys, animals, and a lot more!
  • No ads! All fun - no interruptions!
  • Trial version! Simply click and check it out!


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